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Why you need to think twice before buying insurance online

There are lots of websites selling insurance for freelancers to help you meet employer and agency requirements. Why do you need to find out who is behind the cover?
Why you need to think twice before buying insurance online

Many of these websites are provided by Insurance Companies, some by brokers owned by an Insurance Company and some by independent Insurance Brokers. Brokers usually earn commission or charge fees for their services, the amounts charge can vary by broker. You might think it a good thing to not have a broker middleman – surely this cuts the premium, with no commission payable?

Some Insurer direct systems offer little pricing advantage.  They will only show you the quote from their company so you won’t know whether there is a better alternative in terms of cover or price.  If you were unlucky enough to have a claim, who would act independently to see that this is settled with your best interests in mind?

Insurer choice and looking after you in the event of a claim are just a couple of the benefits of using an independent broker. Next time you look for insurance online take a few minutes to find out who is behind the product you are seeking.


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