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Do I need cyber insurance?

As a contractor, you'll already have professional indemnity insurance so why would you buy cyber cover?
Do I need cyber insurance?

Do you ever access your client’s data out of the office, perhaps on a train, perhaps using your own laptop working at home on a document or answering emails? What if the data was lost or compromised?

How would your business be affected if your client suffered a cyber breach or threat of extortion as a result of something you’d unwittingly done? Who would you ask for help?

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 202137% of micro firms have experienced a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months, most likely caused by phishing and impersonation.  They have lost time, estimated at an average of £758, and incurred additional costs on average of £2,600  recovering from the attack including installing increased security.

As a firm, we've taken out cyber insurance.  The cost of bringing in experts at short notice should not be underestimated, with many charging multiples of their usual charge out rates. 

Cyber policies are surprisingly affordable, even for micro business.  You'll get access to a panel of expert help fast to help reduce the damage to your reputation and to reduce any loss of earnings whilst you are sorting out the breach.

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