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How does freelancer and contractor insurance work?


Who is the Insurer behind your policies?

Our policies are insured with Great Lakes Insurance SE, a part of Munich Re and Zurich Insurance plc (via Manchester Underwriting Management, a trading name of Pen Underwriting Limited). Great Lakes is rated ‘AA-‘ and Zurich ‘AA-‘ by Standard & Poors.

Insurers have been selected by Ntegrity for their innovative, supportive approach, as well as their longstanding experience, knowledge and reputation.


Why is the information you give when obtaining a quotation important?

You have a legal duty to provide Insurers with a 'fair presentation' of your risk by disclosing all information that might affect Insurers in deciding whether to cover you and the premium to charge. If you don’t disclose this “material information” accurately, Insurers may be entitled to avoid claims and/or cover. Material information would include, for example, accurate descriptions of what you do; the type and scale of work undertaken (your turnover), the geographical reach of your business operations and previous claims or losses.


What if your business doesn't fit Insurers preferences?

If our online system is unable to quote instantly, it may mean that an underwriter needs to look at your application. Your details will be sent to us to advise you on Insurer options to meet your needs.


How do I know if the policy is right for me?

We offer contractor policies on a 'non-advised' basis. This means that while we can help you with your application, we are not advising you on the suitability of the product and you must satisfy yourself that the policy meets your own specific needs. Policy summaries and wordings are supplied with your quotation.


The insurances are annual policies but my contract is for a different period?

Commercial insurances including policies of this nature are typically annual contracts and cover is not available for shorter periods than 12 months. You will be sent an email a few weeks before your cover expires, inviting you to renew your policy and maintain continuous cover.


Can policies be cancelled and a refund obtained?

Professional Indemnity insurance policies cannot typically be cancelled by you once in force (often at the insistence of professional bodies or regulators). In exceptional situations, Insurers may agree to terminate the contract.

Public and Employers Liability insurance can be terminated if the business should close, for example.  Please email for further information.


How do the policies work and what does 'claims made' mean?

Professional Indemnity insurance is arranged on a ‘claims made’ basis, which means that a 'live' policy must be in force at the time you first become aware of the possibility of a claim, no matter when the work giving rise to the claim was performed. If you allow your Professional Indemnity insurance to lapse, and then become aware of a potential claim after cover has expired, you would be left without protection. It is therefore vital to maintain continuous protection against liabilities that might arise from your past after you have discontinued the work.

Public/ Products and Employers Liability insurance is arranged on a ‘claims occurring’ basis, meaning that the policy in place at the time the accident or damage occurs will respond to any claim.


What does the ‘Retroactive date’ mean in the Professional Indemnity policy?

A ‘retroactive date’ appearing in the policy means that cover will only apply to claims arising from work you have undertaken on or after the date shown. If the policy shows a retroactive date of ‘None’, the policy will apply to any claim that you become aware of during the policy period right back to the date of first establishment of the business.

Our PI policy has a retroactive date of the start of your policy. Cover can be extended to apply to work carried out before your policy start date for an additional premium.


Do you need Employers Liability insurance if your business only employs you personally?

If the company employs just the owner and immediate family members then, legally, cover may not be required (although you should always obtain legal advice on your own circumstances). Your clients may however insist that you have insurance in place to allow for situations where you need to send a substitute when you are unable to work. Public Liability cover can be arranged without Employers Liability although the saving in premium is small, reflecting the low exposure to risk.


Can you change your cover mid-policy year?

Please contact Ntegrity on 01454 800888 or email if you need help making changes to your policy.


How do I prove that I have insurance?

When you take out a policy through the policy schedule certificate is emailed to you and provides evidence of your cover for your agencies and clients. If you have selected Employers Liability insurance, the statutory certificate of insurance will be also be attached.


Does my turnover affect my premium?

Yes, premiums for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance are based on your turnover. If your turnover is above the standard threshold, we will arrange a tailored quotation to suit your needs.


What if I have a complaint?

Please let us know and we will do our best to resolve your issue without delay. Click here to read our Client Complaint Guide. This will help you understand how we will address your issue and the timescale for the process.

If you are unhappy with how your complaint has been dealt with, you may be able to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


If my client doesn’t specify the level of cover, how much should I have?

Policy limits are usually chosen to meet your client's needs but this is no guarantee that the cover provided will be sufficient to give you complete protection.

If you are left to choose your own level of cover, keep in mind the following points:-

Professional Indemnity

  • If you are a member of a professional body, there may be rules in place requiring you to have specific levels of cover and our online policy may not be suitable for your needs. Please contact us for guidance.
  • The Professional Indemnity policy limit applies to a single claim ('Any one claim') with your legal defence costs covered in addition. If you lose a claim, you may become liable to pay the claimant's costs in addition to compensation. You cannot control who the claimant engages to help them with their claim, nor their chargeable rates.
  • You should consider a limit of indemnity that can adequately cover the costs of a claim, including the claimants costs, allowing for inflation.

Public & Products Liability

  • Public Liability limits of indemnity also apply to any one claim (with your legal defence costs covered in addition). Limits under Products Liability apply to a single claim and in total (or ‘aggregate’) for all claims arising during the policy year.
  • Physical property damage can usually be quantified quickly with accuracy, but court compensation levels for personal injury have risen in recent years and can be less predictable.

Employers Liability

  • The level of cover provided typically by UK Insurers is £10,000,000 for any one event (with your legal defence costs covered in addition). Higher levels of cover can be arranged at additional cost but Insurers would need to understand the requirement for greater protection.

If you are in any doubt, please contact us on 01454 800888 or email


How do we protect your privacy?

Contacting us via e-mail or registering with our site reveals your e-mail address and any other information you provide such as phone number, mailing address etc. We will use this information to help us respond to your enquiry or fulfil your request. All of your personal information will be stored in a secure database in the UK. Access to this database is protected and limited to authorised persons. Ntegrity Insurance Solutions Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. You can view our privacy policy here.


How do I make a claim? Should I report a potential complaint or claim against me?

You should notify insurers of all potential claims, whether or not you think they have merit. Contact our Claims Director, Tara Price, to discuss the circumstances further on 01454 800822 or email .